Thursday, 17 May 2012

Boarder Crossing x Lionstigersrahhh Vol. 1

                               Border Crossing x Lionstigersrahhh Vol. 1 by Paul Cross on Mixcloud

BIG thanks goes out to Paul Cross for this great mix for Lionstigersrahhh. To listen to more super wicked stuff, head to his Mixcloud

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Anna Lena & The Orchids

A wonderful voice...Anna Lena & The Orchids is a band that is definitely worth keeping an eye and both ears on.  

FÜNF AUFRÄUMEN by Howitzweissbach

I did a feature a little while ago on Howitzweissbach's winter collection High Class Robbery and was over the moon when I received an email from Eva Howitz to watch their highlights from Paris Fashion Week 2012. I must say, there is quite a difference between the two collections and it only points out how talented and creative the people behind Howitzweissbach's are. High Class Robbery was filled with bold colour explosions, transparency and great attention and detail that each piece had. Their new collection FÜNF AUFRÄUMEN, I find mesmerizing and highly detailed with a hit of 'reserved'. 
I am a great fan of their work and might sound biased as I fall in love with every piece they produce and the story or theme their collections have. There has been a long debate between myself and a dear friend about the lack of garments that truly highlight and show off the beauty of the female back. So when I saw the collection and how beautiful the garments are fitted whilst showing what I believe to be the sexiest body part in a female, I can only smile with cheer delight at how amazing this collection is. Teamed up with precise colours and tailoringFÜNF AUFRÄUMEN is filled with sophistication and a great hint of drama. They create garments that are wearable and open for interpretation, one thing I know for sure, Howitzweissbach is one label that is only going to go from strength to strength!
Within their collection there are a few pieces that are transparent, I find the colours on this dress out of this world as Howitzweissbach know to what capacity to use colour and how to create cuts that take you on a wonderful dream. I'm a great fan of how the green colour on the dress looks like waves washed away.