Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Neo Ferns hits the stage!

In an intimate venue, people gathered around to listen to the ethereal sounds of Neo Ferns. A somewhat shy and reserved James  stands on stage and with his soft vocals, and guitar sounds, teamed up with thoughtful lyrics, he sets the standards quite high in music experimentation. When you listen to his music a huge state of emotion rush through your body, there is a feeling of - floating, falling and standing still. 

His love of collaboration has seen him work with quite a number of musicians on various projects. For this gig, he collaborated with Second City Empire to create unforgettable sounds using electric guitar FX and some 'radiohead-esque' beats thrown in. It seemed only fit to ask James Andrews on his inspirations for his new E.P Five Weeks, he explained 'I like to look at the bigger things, stuff that's bigger than the individual and even our mankind. I think we spend so much time worrying about the subjective stuff that we forget that there's a bigger picture to embrace and just be kind of lucky that we're where we are.' Straight to the point, this is the best way to describe Neo ferns's. He is definitely one of my favourite artists to brace the UK music scene, not only for his fresh and exciting ideas about music but also for his openness to collaborate with a whole bunch of artists in the name of art and the bigger picture. 

Five weeks is out now, check out for more info

Neo Ferns - Televised from Tony Paige on Vimeo.

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