Thursday, 7 April 2011

Antipodium Autumn/Winter 'Goodbye Horses' 2011

This collection blew my mind away and ever so quickly I wanted it all, which is always a very very good sign. The thing that I loved most about Antipodiums A/W 'Goodbye Horses' 11, is you can pretty much pick up any piece and match it to other pieces in the collection. Ok, hold on, confession time, I am in love! The print on some of the pieces is fascinating and with the sheer, soft fabrics used, it creates wonderful flowing movement in each garment. 

I fell in love with this charcoal pure yak (yes yak!) knit maxi cardigan and this silk/cotton papa was rodeo dress in sunset. I adored the patches on the elbows, the length and the pockets on the cardigan. I felt that I was being given a very warm hug by a loved one...

Goodbye horses digital print...
Very special thank you goes out to Geoffrey Finch, Yvette Herbert and all the people from Anitpodium head quarters for their help. 

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