Sunday, 8 May 2011

Young Hunting, La Luna

I am extremely attracted to this collection and every time I look harder into each piece, I find myself connecting to my surroundings even more. There is a fascinating link between the materials used in each piece and the craftsmanship showed. It shows that Candice Aguis has taken the time to truly think about this collection, La Luna and the true concept behind her label Young Hunting.
Young Hunting, designed by Candice Agius, is part of a new breed of unisex Australian jewellery blurring the lines between spiritualism, costume and craft.Working in .925 silver, leather and stones Young Hunting achieves a sense of exclusivity and preciousness normally only found in fine jewellery, thanks to Agius’ deeply individualised approach to her craft. Agius personally hand makes every piece of Young Hunting jewellery, so each object is unique. As well as working with silver, Agius has been amassing crystals since she was a child, and through her work on Young Hunting, this collection is slowly being released into the world. Featuring stones like titanium aura, galena, amethyst, jet, black obsidian, pyrite, quartz and agate slices, the materials used in the collection have also been selected for their mythological connection to the moon. Each crystal featured in La Luna absorbs its strength when charged and cleansed under the moonlight, and this power is then imbued in the object’s wearer.
La Luna is the fullest realisation of Young Hunting’s core philosophies to date. The collection is unmissable, but never obvious. Each piece is unique and special, and, in its dedication to craft, spirituality and individuality, the jewellery achieves that most coveted status in the world of personal adornment - it is rare.

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