Thursday, 23 June 2011

Andreia Chaves- Invisible Shoe

I came across Andreia Chaves through one of  my many sessions I spend looking at all the wonderful and talented  designers on NOT JUST A LABEL. NJAL describe themselves as the world’s leading designer platform for showcasing and nurturing today’s pioneers in contemporary fashion and let me tell you, they do it very well! It is probably the on site that I religiously go to and try to share as much information on there with as many people possible. They have made innovative, contemporary fashion accessible to fashion and design lovers in all parts of the world with just a click of a button. NJAL has diminished the walls between fashion designers and the market as designers are able to feature their designs and gain public exposure through an online shop. At the end of the day, isn't this what fashion it really about?

Which brings me to the ever so talented Andreia Chaves,  a native of San Paulo, Brazil, her work has captured the attention of international media even before her graduation from Polimoda Fashion institute in Florence, Italy. Her first commercial studio series was launched this year at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The series entitled 'Invisible Shoe' was also shown in New York in an exhibition organised b Mercedes-Benz in collaboration with designer Herve Leger and has now been launched in Asia were her designs can be found in Beijing Market Comme Des Garcons. Her ambition is to bring a fresh perspective to fashion, fusing the mastery and traditions of making with a visionary approach to design while also embracing the potential of 21st  century technology.  Her designs are a magnificent means of expression, explorations and endless possibilities that question the true idea of fashion and what is really means. 


Described as a study of optical effect applied to shoe design, the 'Invisible Shoe' series explores the concept of invisibility through the 'chameleon effect' while the shoe's reflective finished surface creates an obscured optical effect with each step taken. This innovative design greatly exceeds the primary function of the shoe, where "protecting" the foot also means "deleting" or "immersing" it without he environment. It is definitely a fashion forward approach on the  how far you can push a shoes design, that stretches beyond comfort and style and transports you to many environments just by moving your foot. 

The series is available in limited edition, in three different models, is handmade in Italy using a combination of leather making techniques together with advanced 3D primary technology. For the development and manufacture of the external structure, Chaves has collaborated with the renowned Dutch Company FOC (Freedom Of Creation). 


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