Thursday, 21 July 2011

Howitzweissbach - High Class Robbery

I find myself always attracted to colour, weather it's in furniture, accessories, clothes or food, I seem to always gravitate towards something that has a bit or explosions of colour. When I saw Howitzweissbach's winter collection Tarta which is filled with colour, texture and flawless cuts, I couldn't help but think of large amounts of paint drizzled and sprayed over fabric just like the explosions of paint in this video Aerosol Amoeba by Pahnal-Breathing Life Into Spray Paint. 
I am quite amazed at the poetic ways that Howitzweissbach explain their collections to the public and I can't help but add a little snippet of their words 'Follow the yellow marks then follow red. Down in the valley snow, children, sledges, smoking chimneys. White is everywhere. A short rest in the robbers den'. That is exactly how their collections feel, each piece has its unique identity with a touch of playfulness that brings it to life and connects it to the rest of the collection. When I read their own interpretation of Tarta I felt transported into their own world of curiosity and creativity and wished for a second I could be immersed in a pool filled with colour and their innovative designs...
Howitzweissbach a young, international fashion label from Leipzig/Germany. The “two entangled birds” depicted on the label resemble Eva Howitz and Frieder Weissbach. They work conceptionally and, through their distinct approach to cut, material and colour, seek to create an unmistakably individual and independent style. Their inspirations mostly come from art, music, architecture and social events. Contacts to the internationally acclaimed art and graphics scene in Leipzig, memories of life in the German Democratic Republic and Eastern- European imagery are their main influences.The materials used by Howitzweissbach are of the highest quality, drawn from around the world. In their collections finest Merino wool from Austria harmonises with the best German leather or light English silk with soft Italian cotton.
They take fair and social production as serious as their unique language and the high quality of their materials. Hence all pieces are produced in Germany with most places of production situated locally in the Ore Mountains of Saxony. Besides offering high quality workmanship this area has a long-standing tradition of textile manufacture with companies that look back at centuries of experience in producing small scale sets of clothing, shoes and accessories.
Their new collection (which I am extremely happy and excited about) High Class Robbery again has not  failed with the enormous colour explosions, fabric cuts and design of each garment. The idea of fashion for Howitzweissbach goes beyond a collection as I am always looking at their garments trying to find the story behind it or how they came up with the concept of their collection.
The rules for High Class Robbery according to Eva Howitz and Frieder Weissbach are Arrive late! Go early, because rarity heightens appreciation! Speak little or incoherently, as it suggests depth of thought. Scintillate without letting the effort show - no one needs to know you work nights in a bar! A slight stiffness in your neck can be a great advantage for your posture! There is no such things as heel that are too high. Stop your drama! Go on! Keep on training! It is so true, if it is a pair of heels that you are madly, truly in love with, you will make sure to walk in them around the house for days on end (train) until you can finally walk out the door content that you can show them off! I am a bit fan of transparency and when it is teamed up with bold colours and great designs, then you have got yourself one great High Class Robbery collection by one Howitzweissbach. 
I adore the red dress in these photos, it reminds me of Little Red Riding Hood and how she was known around her village for her red cape. The transparency, the way you can see the stitching and the large pockets, makes it all seem more real. It gives a sense that there is nothing for you to hide! 
Why would you want to hide anything when you are wearing wonderful garments made with high quality workmanship?
To find them head to  or you can find their collection at

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