Monday, 4 July 2011

Music Makes Me Lose Control

So somehow last week ended up being a total music filled week and I could honestly say that every band delivered far beyond my expectations.  Especially Arcade Fire who I felt quite disappointed the last time I saw them at Coachella 2011, had the crowds on an absolute high the whole way through. Also to add to my happy music high, the wonderful London had its sunny side up with blue skies and warm weather.  For one of the gigs at Hyde Park I was just too short to see anything! I tried at first to go to the front to take a few snaps but ended up getting lost, so I didn't attempt that and went back to my friends. Luckily our location was perfect as it was right next to the big big screen So to sum it up what I saw from a screen might have been completely different to what the majority of music lovers saw live on stage but it's got to be said.. I STILL LOVED IT!  Bands I saw were Momford and sons, Beirut, Arcade Fire, Soul II Soul, Norman Jay, Roots Manuva and for those of your who are wondering, YES Roots Manuva's new music is ummmmmm MIND BLOWING.  


  1. Cool, music makes me lose control too!
    Its seems that your week was so much fun. It it were me I'd be really really thrilled. where I am though, there aren't much music events =(


  2. You would have liked it very much if you were there (I think).. I am interested to know where you live since you mentioned that there isn't much music?