Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Jewel Heritage

The first time I stumbled across Jewel Heritage was when I picked up an issue of Grazia magazine and admired longingly their animal crow head rings that were featured. A few months later I saw these rings again at a market stall and got to meet one half of Jewel Heritage Amina Khan. Their designs are simple but very striking whilst holding the meaning of true and organic jewellery design.  Their pieces are extremely affordable (you wouldn't think so)with the great detail and craftsmanship seen in every pieces they produce.  I was fortunate enough to receive one of these rings from a very special person for Christmas and it was probably THE best present I have received. It is a piece that so many people notice and have asked about the label and how stunning it looks. Here is what Amina Khan had to say about the label...
How did you get started with designing jewellery? 
I seemed to have worked my way to owning my own jewellery brand without any formal training. I studied illustration and design at college. But I've always been open to experimenting with different mediums and jewellery is just another form of expression that I've come across and love. I'm almost working backwards in that now I am studying silver-smithing, learning techniques to help develop myself and Jewel Heritage.

Where do you get your inspirations from?
I love folk stories, myths, anything that has a story behind it and strong visuals. And of course my own semi-warped macabre mind!

What designers out there inspire you?
This is very difficult to answer because you can get caught up with what everyone else is doing but I do admire people like Bjorg and Bijules.
Your recent collection?
It's entitled 'Don't bite the Apple Eve', it's of course in relation to the story of Adam and Eve. The title name is actually a line from Jay Z's Empire State of Mind where he proceeds to lay the blame of with her for the 'downfall' of women and society in general, have a listen. We have a unisex statement ring, a bangle and we decided to do dainty but in our own way by having our version of a stacking ring. To show people we can step away from large statement rings and we are diverse.

What is next for Jewel Heritage?
New website, a bespoke service, and a little treat on the website entitled 'Pandora's Box'. Which for now is a bit of a secret.

For more information about Jewel Heritage, head to www.jewelheritage.com and check out the secret pandora box and all the delights it has to offer. 

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